Number 1 for Affordability

October 11, 2013

Norwich University has officially won first place for the Affordability Contest of the 2013 Solar Decathlon. The team set a goal before design began to accomplish a high performance home that is affordable to a household earning 20% below median income in Vermont. We accomplished this goal and placed first, proving that solar powered homes can be affordable. Norwich is changing the standards of the competition in the realm of affordability.

This weekend are the final tour dates for the 2013 competition. The homes are open to the public from 11 am to 7 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Come visit our house and learn more about what Delta T-90 represents.

Image of the Delta T-90 Team after winning first place in the affordability contest. Image of the Delta T-90 team with alumni and President Schneider at an evening reception.

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